AI-based ORLink aims to revolutionise operating rooms

ORLink, an artificial intelligence-based support system for operating rooms has raised $1 million in a first round of funding to expand its business.

The Kentucky-based surgical workflow platform for operating rooms uses cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology to make operating rooms more efficient, helping hospitals cut costs and improve their bottom line.

Operating rooms are major sources of revenue for US hospitals, and there is therefore a need to maximise case volume, while at the same time keeping costs down and ensuring services are safe and of high quality.

ORLink aims to ensure operation rooms run smoothly using a AI and sensor-based applications to track each piece of equipment entering and exiting surgical theatres.

Instead of a paper-based filing system containing surgical instructions for doctors, the information is saved in the cloud and tracked.

ORLink, which was backed by investor SA says the system is safer and reduces liability for insurers too.

The company cited an estimate from the Journal of Neurosurgery,  of around $1,000 of waste per case in a single service line – up to $3 million of lost revenue per year.

Asli Gozoren, partner at SAY J Global Partners, which managed the fundraising round, said: “The concept behind ORLink started when (head and neck specialist) Dr Wayne Colin, realised how impractical and difficult it was to move his preference cards from one hospital to another when performing surgery.”

“Once medical doctors showed the same concerns and started joining Dr Colin as he redefined the process, it began to be a compelling story for angel investors. By creating less waste during surgical procedures, ORLink will have a profound social impact on medicine.”

Rick Baker, ORLink’s chief technology officer, said: “ORLink saves hospitals time and money, while improving communication and workflows for surgical teams.”

“Our team changed static preference cards in operating rooms into an AI enhanced mobile cloud-based software service.”