Intelligent HCP engagement in Europe – what do doctors want?


The opportunity to engage with HCPs digitally has never been more prevalent. We are witnessing a desire from the majority (estimated at 75%) to move from a relationship focused interaction to one which is more knowledge and information-based.

Synergistically, by 2020 it is estimated that 70% of HCPs will be digital natives, which translates to an opportunity – in that many who would otherwise be hard to see or even no-see are open to intelligent digital communications.

That is not to say that the role for the pharma sales rep is redundant – far from it. Research undertaken by Veeva in conjunction with Across Health reveals the opportunity for an evolution towards the ‘multichannel rep’. This does not mean adding multichannel marketing activities to traditional face-to-face activities, but rather upskilling the field force to be able to interact with an HCP through the channels and with the information which is most desirable.

This transformation has been embraced by pharma and is already underway, but how is the industry doing, what is being changed and ultimately is it what HCPs actually want?

To answer these questions and gauge the state of the industry, Veeva and Across Health have put together a whitepaper, taking in data from both pharma and HCPs and delivering unique insights from this research as to the potential future for customer engagement.

The report can be accessed by clicking here or on the buttons above or below. By reading this you can expect to learn:

  • How is pharma progressing with its focus on the multichannel rep?
  • What is the role for technology in this change?
  • What is the HCP experience and is it what they want?
  • What is the role for digital?
  • HCP channel preferences
  • What is the right balance for education versus promotion?
30 October, 2018