How pharma can harness educational content for an HCP engagement strategy


Pharmaceutical companies understand that doctors want high-value educational content. In a highly pressurised, cost-constrained healthcare environment with increasing demands for value and improved patient outcomes, time-poor doctors are calling out for more educational resources.

However, the industry can find it hard to make a break from traditional methods of engaging with doctors, such as promotional communications and the traditional sales representative call to hospitals and GP surgeries.

Learning To Invest In Doctors’ Education, a new white paper from M3, explores exclusive new research highlighting the importance of educational and non-promotional clinical content to doctors, demonstrating why it should play an important part in any pharma engagement strategy.

The research from M3, which operates the online network of 235,000 UK doctors, involved a listening exercise with HCPs to understand their wants and needs and heard from nearly 250 UK-based doctors.

The white paper puts findings from the research, along with doctors’ top-cited clinical concerns it revealed, into context with a series of thought-leadership perspectives from a UK consultant rheumatologist and a senior pharma executive.

Learning To Invest In Doctors’ Education also looks at:

  • How to address doctors’ needs
  • Ways to overcome pharma’s content challenges
  • Building a pharma content strategy

As the white paper discusses, there remains an important place for branded, promotional content and pharma’s challenge is how to balance the provision of promotional and non- promotional content to create lasting, positive relationships with doctors.

Achieving this balance, and effectively harnessing educational content as part of HCP engagement strategies, pharma companies can not only help fill medical education gaps, they can also build trust in the industry, ultimately improving patient care and outcomes.

The industry is well-used to taking a long-term approach to drug development cycles, therapy area endeavours and drug patent lifecycles. It’s time to be comfortable looking beyond the short-term for doctors’ education, too.

The white paper can be accessed here or by clicking on the buttons above or below.  

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