HLTH 2022: Manny Montalvo, Teva Pharmaceuticals


At HLTH 2022 in Las Vegas, Editor in Chief Jonah Comstock caught up with Manny Montalvo, SVP, head of digital health and innovation at Teva Pharmaceuticals, to talk about Teva's show news: new partnerships with Rimidi and HealthSnap to expand the deployment of the company's Digihaler line of smart inhalers. Jonah and Manny discuss Teva's short-term and longterm plans in the respiratory space and when a connected delivery device becomes a digital therapeutic. Teva wants to reach a point where it can use data and sensors to prevent asthma attacks before they happen. They also discuss how Teva uses the data from its connected delivery devices and the potential benefit for population health, and why pharma needs to get over its tendency towards proprietary technology and embrace collaboration in the world of digital health. Check out the video, recorded live in Las Vegas, below.