Health Innovators – Or Shoval and Shahar Shelly

Health Innovators Remepy

Why do the same medications work well in some patients and poorly in others? One reason might be the poorly understood connection between mind and body.

At Remepy, a new start-up, they believe that tailored software can unlock brain patterns that actually modulate the immune system and enhance the efficacy of drugs.

Or Shoval, CEO of Remepy, and Shahar Shelly, the company’s chief medical officer, join editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock to talk about their unorthodox approach and the science that underpins it. They discuss how their in-development products are similar and different from traditional digital therapeutics.

Tune in for a first look at an innovative new digital therapeutics company that just might change the way drugs are prescribed forever. Check out the video below for the whole conversation.