Health Innovators – Nigel Brokenshire

Health Innovators

At the HealthTech X Digitisation of Pharma summit in London in February, pharmaphorum editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock grabbed Nigel Brokenshire, director of UK digital for Bayer, for a quick interview to discuss his work in the UK.

Jonah and Nigel discuss some of the therapeutic areas where Bayer is exploring the potential impact of digital health and the company’s overall goals in the space. They also discuss when digital therapeutics are necessary, and when other technology can suffice to improve the status quo for patients, as well as how new technologies can accelerate clinical development.

Nigel also talks about working with the NHS and how to articulate value for digital products, even when it doesn’t translate directly to bottom-line savings. And he gets into Bayer’s approach to partnership with digital health start-ups.

Check out the full video below.