Health Innovators – Abby Staible and Dan Vahdat

Health Innovators

AstraZeneca has been working with UK startup Huma for several years to explore ways to improve the experience of patients across their patient journey using digital technology. At the HealthTech X Digitisation of Pharma summit in London last week, pharmaphorum editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock had a chance to sit down with the leaders on both sides of that partnership.

In this onsite interview, Abby Staible, AstraZeneca’s director of digital health transformation, and Dan Vahdat, CEO of Huma, talk about their working relationship, why they chose to work with each other, and how their shared mission of patient empowerment guides their work.

Huma’s digital tools span remote patient monitoring, companion apps, and decentralised clinical trials in an effort to create a holistic, digitally-enabled patient experience. Abby and Dan talk about that vision, as well as broader ideas about innovation, pharma-startup partnership, and what it takes to solve the big problems in healthcare.

Check out the video for a candid discussion of a fascinating partnership.