Frontiers Health 2023: Guiding themes and steering committee

Frontiers Health 2023

Frontiers Health, a premier global digital health innovation event strongly focused on digital therapeutics, breakthrough technologies, healthcare transformation, investments, and ecosystem development, returns 8th-10th November.

Taking place at Auditorium della Tecnica in Rome, Italy, Frontiers Health seeks to bring together thought leaders, policy makers, industry players, and innovative companies to discuss in depth - beyond surface level words - the ongoing challenges, strategic trends, and scalable solutions impacting healthcare today.

From DTx and LLMs, to reimagined care and health equity

In 2023, Frontiers Health will be bringing an immersive and highly topical conference programme to the Italian capital. Indeed, the guiding themes this year include:

  • Realising the potential of digital therapeutics (DTx): Focused on the scalability of these technologies, the event will be exploring how DTx companies can tackle funding, regulatory, and adoption and integration challenges, including what a successful digital therapeutics team looks like.
  • Science and bio-medical research innovation: Keeping with technology, this theme explores the very cutting edge – from acceleration of R&D through digital biomarkers, to earlier diagnoses and effecting decentralised trials. Also included in the programme will be a look at new advances in senolytics (or longevity).
  • AI impact on healthcare - Large language models (LLMs) and beyond: As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) forge new frontiers, so to speak, of computer to human interactions in digital health, this theme will dive into user experience (UX) and how data brought to LLMs, such as ChatGPT and the like, can make for cost-effective solutions, particularly when it comes to drug discovery and clinical trials – ever retaining the human element.
  • New spaces of health: Moving towards personalised and proactive treatment as the norm, this theme looks closely at how digital solutions can help, wherever they’re based, be it home, at work, in shops, at pharmacies, or when commuting, among other options. Overall, it’s a case of generating value for the healthcare system as a whole ecosystem.
  • Becoming a digital-first biopharma company: Exploring ‘digital maturity’ and what that means for biopharma which base their main operational functions in digital innovation, this theme’s presentations and discussions will focus on omnichannel, customer experience (CX), digital medicine, and more.
  • Reimagining healthcare interactions: From augmented reality and virtual reality (VR) to neuromodulation, companion robotics, and haptics, this theme discusses the new opportunities for connection across stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Delivering on the promise of health equity: Based on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) One Health commitment, with its promotion of policy frameworks for ameliorating health equity worldwide, this theme’s discussions will focus on policy, community involvement, preventative care, and the social determinants of health.
  • Patient- and HCP-driven innovations: Urging the importance of patients and HCPs being given a place at the decision-making table, this theme will highlight how important it is that the needs of these stakeholders are fully understood and that their feedback – as critical as it is – is incorporated, so as to facilitate the realisation of truly personalised health.

The Steering Committee is chaired by Healthware Group’s CEO and founder, Roberto Ascione. Other Committee members include: 

  • Eugene Borukhovich, COO and co-founder of YourCoach Health; 
  • Megan Coder, VP of product and policy at the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe); 
  • Jessica DaMassa, founder and host of WTF Health; 
  • Fredrik Debong, co-founder and CPO of hi-health; 
  • Tony Estrella, author, strategic futurist, and business builder, as well as managing director of Taliossa and venture partner at Verge HealthTech Fund; 
  • Monique Levy, chief business officer of Woebot Health; 
  • Min-Sung Sean Kim, managing partner of Digital Health Ventures (DHV); 
  • Marc Slujis, managing partner of; & 
  • Paul Tunnah, chief content officer and managing director UK at Healthware Group.

Together, they have engaged and onboarded top-notch speakers, crafted the guiding themes and agenda and, in short, shaped an interesting and topical programme that is sure to provide insightful conversations not only at Frontiers Health 2023, but post the event and beyond.