DTx Europe, London

DTx Europe London

Today and tomorrow, 28th and 29th June, pharmaphorum is on site at DTx Europe in London’s Bloomsbury area, bringing you live blogging updates from the event produced by GreyGreen, a life sciences event production company. 

Day One is opened with remarks from chief commercial officer of GAIA AG, Stan Sugarman, followed by a panel discussion on ‘Regulatory Harmonisation for DTx in Europe’, moderated by Anna Haas, MD of Germany at Oviva, who is joined by: Michelle Olschewski, VIVIRA Health’s chief operating officer; Ariel Dora Stern, Associate Professor at Harvard Business School; Kathrin Pfeiffer, head of market access at Sympatient; Dennis Hermann, Kaia Health’s head of Europe; and Elisabethann Wright, a partner at Cooley LLP.

A further panel, ‘Painting the Picture of the Future of Digital Health Reimbursement in Europe’, follows that, moderated by Hannes Klopper, CEO of HelloBetter, who is joined by: Megan Coder, chief policy officer at the Digital Therapeutics Alliance; Jennifer Goldsack, CEO of the Digital Medicine Society; Louisa Stuwe, project director at French Ministry of Health; and Lily Tang, deputy director of digital investment strategy at NHS England. To follow will be an IQVIA presentation on ‘A Global to Local Pulse on Key DTx Trends’, given by Kate Bennet, senior principal, and Oliver Bailey, associate principal, of integrated digital health COE at the company.

And that’s before 11am is even reached. Morning refreshments having been partaken of, the first day of DTx Europe will then split into two tracks: commercial and evidence.

The commercial track is to be kicked off by Sympatient’s co-founder and MD, Christian Angern, with his presentation, ‘Achieving Commercial Success in Europe: How Did We Get Here?’, followed by the panel discussion ‘Scaling Digital Therapeutics in a Fragmented European Market’, moderated by Stan Sugarman, who is joined by: Ema Kufel, co-founder and CEO of Prosoma UK for Prosoma; Francessca Wuttke, founder and CEO of nen; and Edouard Gasser, co-founder and CEO of Tilak Healthcare.

Meanwhile, the evidence track will be opened by Megan Coder and the first presentation – ‘Are Digital Therapeutics Value for Money?’ will be given by Yoann Sapanel, head of health innovation at the Institute for Digital Medicine. That will also be followed by a panel discussion: ‘How Do We Need to Redefine the Digital Health Clinical Trial Framework?’, moderated by Nayeli Schmutz, co-founder and chief medical officer of PIPRA AG, who is joined by: Simon Spahrkas, head of research at Tired of Cancer; Jennifer Goldsack; Dirk Sauer, chairman of the board at Dopavision; and Zoe Thomson, co-founder and chief innovation officer at LUCID.

A comfortably long lunchbreak is followed by a continuation of the divergent tracks, with live blogging from pharmaphorum web editor Nicole Raleigh and Deep Dive editor Eloise McLennan continuing throughout the afternoon until Day One’s close with the panel discussion, ‘Stepping in the Shoes of a Digital Health Investor’, moderated by John Drakengberg, co-founder and CEO of Alex Therapeutics, who is joined by: Rana Lonnen, MD of dRx Capital at Novartis; Anish Shindore, founder and managing partner of GSD Health; Baudouin Hue, general partner at Karista; and Imran Hamid, senior investment principal at LifeArc Ventures.

Drinks and networking Wednesday evening play prelude to Thursday’s Day Two, which begins with opening remarks from Andrew Phelan, chief operating officer of Beats Medical, and is followed by the panel discussion, ‘Is the Clinic Ready for DTx?’, moderated by John Drakengberg, who is joined by: Kim Baden-Kristensen, co-founder and CEO of Brain+; Ali Hasan, chief medical officer at Vitality; Alex Despotovic, program lead at the Digital Medicine Society; Rayna Patel, co-founder and CEO of Vinehealth; and Ali Hashemi, co-founder and chairman of GluCare.Health.

Other topics in the shorter Day Two will include the panel, ‘The Push Towards Digitally-Enabled Care in the NHS (UK)’, as well as start-up showcases from nen, Dopavision, and Hedia. The event will close with a panel discussion that asks, ‘What Steps Do We Still Have to Climb?’, moderated by Tarolyn Carlton, senior director for US medical affairs, digital medicine & digital therapeutics at Otsuka.

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DTx Europe London Day 1

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DTx Europe London Day 2