Developing with start-up DNA

Developing with start-up DNA

As head of digital at Sandoz, Andre Heeg is at the forefront of transformation both within his company and the wider industry. He spoke to Paul Tunnah about how he uses his experience from start-ups to find new ways to harness digital

What has been your career path?
I was formerly a doctor and a dentist, specialising in facial surgery.

I really loved working with patients, but I didn’t like all the bureaucracy, politics, and inefficient processes that come with working in a hospital, and I quickly realised that it wasn’t an environment where I could thrive. I thought that if I had a bigger lever in my hand I could potentially impact far more people than I could as a doctor. That was the guiding thought that ultimately led me to moving into the business world and joining a consultancy, where I worked with pharmaceutical companies, hospital systems, and payers and got a good understanding how the different players in the healthcare environment interact with each other.

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