Deep Dive: Digital Health 2022

Deep Dive Digital Health 2022

Following an unprecedented year of surging investment interest, the digital health industry is booming. With myriad new technologies and tools hitting the market, there is no doubt that digital health is transforming the way that we deliver and receive healthcare. However, as the market begins to correct itself, where does digital health go from here?

Read on for key stories from this year’s Frontiers Health conference in Italy, unlocking the promise of patient support programmes in oncology, supercharging communications with modular content, and much more.

A history of medical imaging
From the unknowns of blurry radiation to a world of high-definition visuals, medical imaging has pulled back the curtain on the inner workings of the human body

Frontiers Health 2022
In October, Healthware International gathered thought leaders and industry experts in Milan to discuss the future of digital health. Nicole Raleigh rounds up key highlights from the event

Unlocking the promise of patient support programmes in oncology
Cancer patients spend most of their time outside of the clinical setting, yet there is significant unmet need when it comes to helping these individuals manage their conditions at home, as Vinehealth co-founder and CEO Dr Rayna Patel discusses

The rise of healthcare influencers and how to effectively engage with them
Influencer culture has well and truly taken over the internet, with numerous benefits on offer for pharmaceutical companies in the healthcare influencer space. Research Partnership examines how to engage this new generation of opinion leaders

Company profile: Vinehealth
In this issues spotlight, Vinehealth details how it leverages a combination of patient-reported outcomes data and behavioural science to improve oncology care for patients and give HCPs and pharma companies the information they need to drive decision-making

How AstraZeneca launched a truly people-focused healthcare innovation hub
AZ experts Martin Cowie, Stefan Vlachos, and Mia Ekdahl discuss the process of launching Health Works, a radically patient-focused innovation lab designed to improve healthcare experiences, support health system sustainability, and drive equitable access to quality care

Video: Frontiers Health interviews
pharmaphorum editor-in-chief, Jonah Comstock, sits down with key delegates and opinion leaders to discuss highlights and learnings live from the floor of Frontiers Health 2022

Create, approve, deploy: supercharging communications with modular content
Engaging with today’s tech-driven consumers requires a dynamic and agile communications strategy. Viseven’s CEO, Nataliya Andreychuk, details how pharma companies can use modular content to maximise omnichannel marketing

Case study: Syneos Health and VBI Vaccines
What does a true partnership look like in modern healthcare? In this case study, Syneos Health’s Lee Taurman and VBI Vaccines’ Jeff Baxter discuss the process and benefits of delivering a new kind of partnership model

For vaccines that target infectious diseases, as Pragya Khurana and Dr Richard Pitman of ICON explain, cost-effectiveness research can power evidence generation and decision-making that helps keep people safe.


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