Cultivating data-driven decisions: How to use content experience platforms in 2024

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Data-driven decisions matter, and it is hardly surprising when looking at statistics. McKinsey suggests that effective data strategies in the US healthcare alone can bring up to $100 billion annually. Ironically, the major challenge for pharmaceutical companies today is abundance of data, yet, a lack of data-driven decisions. How is that even possible?

“This data is often non-standardised, unstructured, and just too complex to process and extract valuable insights from,” explains Viseven CEO Nataliya Andreychuk. “When creating marketing campaigns, teams may struggle to find information in siloed content libraries, so they end up either creating duplicate content for diverse channels or investing a fair bit of time to write from scratch. And, when it is time to track campaign effectiveness, the lack of end-to-end visibility becomes evident. If marketers analyse the performance of eDetailers, emails, and social media posts patched together, it becomes difficult to discern what makes a campaign successful or a failure.”

With an advanced content experience platform, a pharmaceutical brand can make use of their data to craft engaging content that resonates with the audience on their preferred channels, all while trimming time and costs.

Create once, publish everywhere with a content experience platform

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly leveraging content strategy platforms to generate compelling, tailored content with minimal effort and cost. These solutions usually cover the entire content creation lifecycle, from initial planning and briefing to approval and distribution.

As Andreychuk explains, the beauty of content experience software is that it allows automating tasks, like writing fresh content from scratch, translating into a preferred language, and accelerating the previously time-consuming and costly medical legal regulatory (MLR) processes. Digital content platforms make approved high-quality content versatile, allowing swift adaptation for diverse channels and audiences.

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10 January, 2024