Artificial intelligence in medicine

Artificial intelligence in medicine

Thanks to constant advances in technology and science, artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming an integral part of modern healthcare.

These innovative AI-based applications and algorithms hold enormous promise in the future of healthcare, providing medical professionals with valuable insight to support decision-making in clinical and research settings and improve the overall patient experience.

In this paper, Healthware experts break down the key features of AI technologies in today’s healthcare landscape, including Machine Learning, NLP, Genetic Algorithms, Robotic Process Automation, and Reinforcement Learning.

Building upon the foundation of AI adoption in the healthcare environment, this paper also provides a step-by-step analysis to help industry figures understand how to integrate AI algorithms in the software, as well as clinical validation and certification cycles in the US and EU.

Plus, expert analysis of market access for AI in different countries and the impact on scientific research for stakeholders, physicians, and patients.

To learn more about the future of AI in healthcare, download the full whitepaper.

20 September, 2022