Accelerating digital healthcare, with VITA

pharmaphorum podcast episode 78

At the beginning of February, pharmaphorum web editor Nicole Raleigh travelled to Rome to cover the inaugural VITA Accelerator demo day. After the event, VITA’s senior programme manager Anastasiya Markvarde and managing director Paolo Borella took time to discuss the ethos behind the accelerator and the future of digital health start-ups in Italy and beyond.

From the evolution of accelerator models over some fifty years to their state today – and VITA’s own accelerator model in particular – they explore the overarching goal of ameliorating the growth of digital health start-ups in Italy, specifically discuss the five start-ups that presented during the demo day itself, and converse on the value of partnerships in the innovation field as a whole.

From challenges to successes and improvements to the programme moving forward, including the introduction of new therapeutic areas as well, their conversation aims to spark interest and provide a comprehensive overview of the inaugural VITA Accelerator demo day overall.

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