Engage with confidence: Managing online adverse event reporting

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The pharmaceutical industry is waking up to the enormous potential offered by social media and other online data sources for informing better decisions around drug development and commercialization. Here, Siva Nadarajah explains how pharma can harness this information safely, with input from legal expert Joy Liu, while ensuring full compliance with regulations around adverse event monitoring.

The social media revolution has caused more than one pharmaceutical executive to have a sleepless night. In theory, the enormous volume of conversation now taking place online between different types of healthcare stakeholders can yield valuable clues as to the real-world benefits of existing medicines, while also informing appropriate development direction for new ones.

But in listening to such online discussion, the pharmaceutical industry opens its eyes to potential dialogue around adverse events relating to its medicines, creating a regulatory burden as it ensure compliance with reporting regulations. In this exclusive white paper, Siva Nadarajah explains how pharma can have the best of both worlds – efficient analysis of social media information without an undue burden on compliance process.

Read this white paper from IMS Health to understand:

• The short- and long-term benefits of social media listening for pharma

• In reality what volume of online discussion relates to adverse events

• How pharma companies can listen while also managing compliance

• Why ignoring social media conversation is simply not an option

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