Getting the Most Out of Technology for Multichannel Marketing: Automate, Learn, Adapt

While every pharma company recognises the potential of multichannel marketing to optimize its engagement with prescribers, many are yet to implement it to maximum potential. IMS Health explains how a process of automate, learn and adapt can help accelerate this progress.

The potential for multichannel marketing to deliver increased efficiency for pharma in prescriber engagement has been well documented. However, it is only now that the right technological solutions are in place to enable the type of rapid learning process that can move multichannel programs from being theoretically good to being practically efficient, with less time spent on analysis and more in front of the customer.

Download this white paper from IMS Health to understand:

• Where pharmaceutical companies are in their multichannel evolution.

• Key drivers and blockers to delivering success in multichannel marketing.

• A roadmap for reducing analysis time and improving customer time.

• How and where technology can accelerate this process.

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