Empowering patients with education

Rebecca Aris interviews Francis Namouk

Streaming Well

Working with patients to make informed health decisions is at the very heart of the industry and is what being a physician is really about. As patients increasingly seek resources and education tools to help them better understand and manage their condition we can expect a rise in their informed collaboration with their physician resulting in greater control over their own health. The key to making this happen is ensuring that patient education tools that can be trusted are made available.

We spoke with Francis Namouk, Chief Executive Officer of Streaming Well. Streaming Well works with the medical industry to provide and distribute educational videos. They offer video advice from what to expect prior to undergoing general anaesthetic to information about embarrassing conditions. With over half a million views the content is certainly proving popular. Francis shared with us just how Streaming Well is empowering patients and making a difference to healthcare.

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About the interviewee:

As CEO, Francis has built Streaming Well into a network of channels viewed by over half a million people. Francis is responsible for new business development, sales, marketing, technology and product development. Previously creative director at Everyday Health, Francis was instrumental in the development of a number of online properties in the health and wellness sectors. Everyday Health, is a leading provider of online consumer health producing content and advertising-based services across a portfolio of over 25 websites. Francis earned a master’s degree in design and technology from the internationally renowned Parsons School of Design in New York City.

Follow him: @FrancisNamouk | @StreamingWell | e. francis.namouk@streamingwell.com

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