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Paul Tunnah interviews Seth Godin about Amit Gupta

Last week pharmaphorum heard about the story of Amit Gupta, a young entrepreneur living in San Francisco, who has just discovered that he has acute leukaemia. A few more days and it might have been too late, but he is now receiving chemotherapy and desperately needs a bone marrow transfusion. But there are very few South Asian donors registered for donating bone marrow, so Amit took the brave move of making himself the face of a global online campaign to attract new donors – not just for him but for all similar patients.

Slowly but surely word is getting around and a response is mounting, but time is running out for Amit and the many others who find themselves in his position. We were so moved by Amit’s story and his bravery in thrusting himself into the spotlight at such a difficult time, that we wanted to help spread the word. So Seth Godin, world-renowned marketing guru and long-time mentor and friend of Amit’s, took some time to speak with us and explain how you can help, wherever you are and whether you work in pharma or not.

Time is running out for Amit – please get involved and find out more by visiting

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About the interviewee:

Seth Godin is a best selling author of thirteen books who has been described as “America’s Greatest Marketer” and has founded numerous companies, including Yoyodyne (later acquired by Yahoo!) and the popular For more information visit

Amit Gupta previously worked with Seth as an intern, going on to found Jelly, promoting networking, brainstorming and collaborative working worldwide. He now runs Photojojo, an online community dedicated to those who love photography. Amit was recently diagnosed with leukaemia and kicked off his global campaign to help patients like him who need to find suitable donors for bone marrow transfusion. Visit his site today to see how you can help:

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