How patient insights are changing trial solutions

Patients have been asking for patient-centric trial solutions for years – the industry just hasn’t been listening. That’s according to Medidata’s Anthony Costello, who was bringing patient feedback into product design long before COVID-19. He tells us what insights pharma has been missing out on and how they can be harnessed to build better solutions.

COVID-19 might have forced the industry to leave behind its reticence around remote and decentralised trials, but according to Anthony Costello, senior vice president of mobile health at Medidata, this reticence wouldn’t have existed in the first place had the industry been genuinely listening to patients.

“Patients have not been saying anything new during COVID-19, but the difference is that the industry has woken up and started paying attention,” he says.

“Patients have long wanted more and better technology to use in studies so that they don’t have to visit sites so often, but the industry has been very reluctant to go in that direction.”

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