Adapting for the future of oncology trials

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Adapting for the future of clinicial trials

Advanced analytical solutions provider Cytel is at the forefront of rapid changes in oncology R&D. We spoke with the team to find out why oncology trials are not where they need to be and what researchers need to do to evolve.

Oncology is one of the most dynamic and complex therapeutic areas that a pharma company can be involved in – so considerations for clinical trials are often vastly different and more complicated than for other diseases.

“The oncology space is rapidly evolving,” says Joshua Schultz, CEO of Cytel. “It’s stunning to watch it evolve so rapidly. We’ve got new biomarkers being discovered routinely; we’ve got changes in the standard of care happening along multiple dimensions. We’ve got new treatments being approved all the time.

“There is a need to test against that multiplicity, including tumour types, combinations of therapies and patient populations, all in a world where the foundations are evolving quickly as well. It’s an unprecedented time in terms of the complexity and difficulty that researchers face.”

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