New survey reveals patients’ changing opinions of pharma

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New survey reveals patients’ changing opinions of pharma

Exclusive research from WEGO Health has revealed patients’ changing attitudes towards the pharma industry and how they want to see companies improve. We look at the latest research and reflect on how COVID-19 has changed perceptions as industry races to develop new vaccines and therapies.

The performance of the pharma industry is under scrutiny like never before as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, with countries in desperate need of vaccines and therapies to protect the population and allow normal life to resume.

WEGO Health, a worldwide network of over 100,000 patient leaders, has revealed how far the industry has to go before it wins over the population at large.

A new survey from the company deals with how perceptions have changed over the last five years, which have been tumultuous in terms of the reputation of the industry.

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