Spotlight on AI in pharma marketing

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Intouch AI spotlight

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, and not just in pharma – from fantasy football to customer service, we will soon be encountering AI programmes in almost every aspect of our lives. But amongst all of the headline-grabbing innovations, it can be hard to know exactly what AI technologies are going to be truly transformative. There is no doubt that AI will change pharma forever, but question marks hang over that assertion – how will it change, and to what extent? Where should companies be focusing their AI efforts? What are the pitfalls, and where are the untapped opportunities? In this spotlight, experts from Intouch will be diving into the specifics of what AI means for pharma. As you’ll see, it’s about more than just drug development – in the near future there will be no part of a company left untouched by machine-learning tech. From marketing to sales to patient experience, the spotlight will give a comprehensive, in-depth view of how AI is transforming pharma. AI is more than just a buzzword – so companies need to prepare themselves, or risk getting left behind. About Intouch Solutions Founded in 1999, Intouch Solutions is a leading pharmaceutical marketing and advertising agency with offices in Kansas City, Chicago, New York City, Boston, London and Mumbai. Intouch Solutions is part of Intouch Group, a privately held network of more than 950 employees across six affiliates. Specializing in solutions for the life sciences, Intouch is redefining what marketing means to these industries.

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