Refining digital collaboration

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Refining digital collaboration

Pharmaceutical companies are traditionally more conservative with their approach to and incorporation of new technologies; however, prior to COVID, the industry had begun moving toward intersecting health and technology. Natalie Yeadon, Co-founder and CEO of Impetus Digital, tells us how COVID has accelerated digital health transformation and made effective virtual collaboration more important than ever.

People’s interactions with each other have transformed dramatically and have had to do so at an accelerated pace. Greater thought is being put into how to make those interactions as pleasant, efficient and productive as possible for professionals worldwide.

Since the pandemic hit, many companies, including pharma, are contemplating how they can digitally transform in this new space. This is evident by the number of new positions you see being employed – digital transformationists, digital teams and innovation teams.

“The movement towards digital is not only for collaboration, but it’s the entire organisation’s modus operandi of becoming more digitally inclined,” says Yeadon.

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