Launch Excellence: Moments of Truth

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Launch Excellence: Moments of Truth

The launch environment for pharmaceutical industry products is evolving at pace with new scientific discoveries and shifting engagement patterns, creating challenges and opportunities.

Its three phases – pre-launch, launch, and post-launch – demand dynamic and flexible strategies that can stay current with rapid developments and innovations in mainstream and niche condition areas across an expanding global medicines market.

Framing and communicating a culture that has the agility to respond to the demands of regulators, payors, physicians, and patients is a pressing need that is examined in the white paper Launch Excellence: Moments of Truth, which draws insights from a panel of experts who have been involved in multiple product launches, from blockbusters to niche therapies.

It focuses on areas that can supercharge product launches for MSL and commercial teams and the need to engage with stakeholders. Good communication is the golden thread that runs through all aspects addressed by this white paper, which is the first in a series of three and concentrates on the pre-launch phase.

It emphasises the growing importance of the patient voice and how contact with them, as well as HCPs, payors, and regulators, requires understanding and clarity to ensure products reach the people that need them most, while also supporting healthcare systems.

Data is flowing through healthcare in torrents and harnessing its potential is one of the keys to clinical and commercial success. Launch Excellence: Moments of Truth contends that communication is an essential factor in brand efficacy, reputation, and success and helps deliver on the promise of changing people’s lives.

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