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Consider the KOLs fronting your current initiatives. You have a good idea of which KOLs to engage for traditional cyclical touchpoints – congresses, educational events, etc – and much of the endorsement of this comes from publicly available data on historic activities.

But would those same KOLs perform as you need them to across all channels? Could you confidently ask them to deliver the same messages in the format the audience has come to expect across the multitude of options that make up your omnichannel strategy?

Consider also the audience receiving the content. Digital natives – who make up 70% of the medical workforce – absorb new information while commuting, doing chores, and waiting for their clinic to start. Whose voice do they want to listen to, whose opinions matter to them, who has the potential to guide their behaviour? And how does this vary depending on the channel through which their consuming your content or having a conversation with you?

Even if you have a piece of persuasive, compelling, data-driven content, to truly ‘omnify’ it across all your channels, you must consider which KOL is best to lead and present that content across each channel – considering all the above considerations.

So, finding the right KOL for the right activity, channel, and audience is even more important – your strategy will thrive at the intersectionality of these three parameters

And you can’t find such KOLs simply by looking at someone’s publication history, speaking resume, or social feed. In an omnichannel world, other factors such as influence, mindset, and the view of peers and audiences will matter more than ever before, with all of it customised to advancing the strategic imperatives of just one brand – yours.

Dr Adam Haswell BSc MBBS
Medical Director

KOL Insights at VMLY&R HEALTH (Formerly known as System Analytic Limited)
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KOL Insights VMLY&RHealth
23 May, 2023