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The rising cost of medication in the United States has become a critical issue, significantly impacting the lives of millions across the nation. The exorbitant prices of prescription drugs place a heavy financial burden on individuals, particularly those who are uninsured or find themselves in the medical coverage "donut hole". 

This situation has led many to make difficult choices regarding their health and financial stability - especially those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. They are particularly vulnerable, as consistent medication adherence is crucial for managing these diseases and preventing further complications.

According to the CDC, over 25 million Americans do not have medical coverage. The lack of financial assistance leaves many uninsured Americans unable to afford their necessary prescriptions, forcing them to choose between their health and other essential needs, such as food and shelter. 

Many Americans have turned to buying insulin from Canada as a viable solution to circumvent the high cost of medication in the US. 

Canada's stringent drug pricing regulations help keep medication costs more affordable and accessible. As a result, this has provided a lifeline for many Americans with financial relief. 

The plight of Americans without medical coverage

The high cost of medication in the US

One of the most concerning consequences of high medication costs is the tendency for individuals to take lower dosages or skip doses altogether to make their prescriptions last longer. One in 10 have reported skipping doses to save money. This practice, known as medication non-adherence, can lead to severe health complications, diminished quality of life, and increased healthcare costs in the long run. 

The medical coverage gap, aka “donut hole”

The “donut hole” is a term used to describe a gap in prescription drug coverage under Medicare Part D. In this phase, the individual has surpassed the initial coverage limit, but has not yet reached the catastrophic coverage threshold. During this period, beneficiaries are required to pay a larger portion of their prescription drug costs out-of-pocket, until their total drug costs reach the catastrophic coverage threshold. Once this threshold is met, the plan covers most of the drug costs for the rest of the year.

This gap in coverage can pose significant financial challenges, especially for seniors on fixed incomes who may have chronic conditions requiring multiple medications. The “donut hole” has been closing gradually over the years due to legislative changes, but it still represents a substantial burden for many.

How lack of insurance affects access to necessary medications

The absence of insurance, or having inadequate insurance, can severely limit an individual’s access to necessary medications. Without coverage, the full cost of prescription drugs falls on the individual, and for many this cost is prohibitively expensive. As a result, people may engage in risky behaviours, such as skipping doses, not filling prescriptions, or reducing dosages to make their medications last longer. These practices can lead to poor health outcomes, increased hospitalisations, and higher overall healthcare costs.

The medical coverage gap affects a wide range of individuals, including those between jobs, working part-time, or who are self-employed, or those who simply cannot afford the premiums and out-of-pocket costs associated with insurance. This lack of access to affordable medication can exacerbate existing health disparities and contribute to a cycle of poor health and financial instability.

Addressing the medical coverage gap requires a multifaceted approach, including policy changes, increased access to affordable insurance options, and innovative solutions like purchasing medications from more affordable sources, such as Canadian online pharmacies. These pharmacies offer a lifeline to those in the medical coverage gap, providing access to essential medications at a fraction of the US price, helping to bridge the gap in prescription drug coverage, and ensuring that all individuals have access to the medications they need.

The human cost

Additional studies highlighted by the report indicate that between 20% and 30% of prescribed medications are left unfilled, and about 50% of medications for ongoing illnesses are not taken as directed by patients.

Many of these individuals are dealing with multiple chronic conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Further research analysed by AIM suggests that roughly 125,000 deaths in the US each year can be attributed to patients not taking their medications as prescribed. A 2017 study found that patients with low to intermediate medication adherence, who had been previously hospitalised, faced a 30-day readmission rate of 20%, which is significantly higher than the 9.3% readmission rate for patients with high medication adherence.

The prohibitively high cost of medications in the United States has long been a topic of debate, especially for the 14% of adults living with diabetes. These individuals often face annual medical costs that can surpass $20,000.

No medical insurance? The Canadian option

Buying Canadian insulin is an affordable option, helping thousands of Americans get access to the necessary medication and, in many cases, dealing with drug shortages. In addition to diabetes medication, patients can search over 2,000 medications from partnered Canadian pharmacies, including medications for arthritis, asthma, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and other conditions. 

Cost savings and a user-friendly patient interface 

After creating an account, patients can effortlessly submit orders or request prescription refills directly through the website. They have the option to upload prescriptions via the patient interface, or alternatively, send them through email or fax.

Medications that require temperature control, such as insulin, are dispatched in climate-sensitive packaging, utilising medical-grade ice packs, specialised containers, or portable coolers, ensuring the product’s integrity upon arrival.  

Patients also have the option to purchase up to a 90-day supply of medication. In addition to already competitive prices, bulk pricing is available for select medications for even greater savings. For example, in the US, a vial of Humalog can cost up to $362, while buying Canadian insulin can take that price down to just $70 per vial, or 10 vials for $428, equating to $42.80 per vial. 


The escalating cost of medication in the United States affects millions of Americans lacking medical coverage or stuck in the Medicare Part D "donut hole". Buying Canadian insulin has helped thousands of Americans and has emerged as a beacon of hope, offering affordable medication, especially for those suffering from chronic conditions such as diabetes. By sourcing medications from Canada, Americans can find financial relief and a viable solution to the prohibitive costs of medications in the US. 

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