UK pharma leadership and COVID-19: the pharmaphorum podcast

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced significant changes on the pharmaceutical industry as companies scramble to protect employees, ensure business continuity and maintain patient access to medicines.

In this episode of the podcast I spoke with Dennise Broderick, who’s president and managing director for Galen to find out about how she has been leading during the coronavirus’ emergency phase.

The podcast forms the first audio companion to our UK Leaders articles, which so far featured general managers from Takeda, Gilead and Daiichi Sankyo, with more in the pipeline.

In the episode, Dennise discussed some of the leadership lessons she’s learned from COVID-19 about managing during a crisis, her career path to date and what a UK Leaders’ day usually looks like in normal circumstances.

We also spoke more about her company, how it fits into the UK life sciences ecosystem and differs from publicly-owned pharma companies, and what growth plans – which include the acquisition of POA Pharma at the start of this year – look like.

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