Frontiers Health 2024: The foundational pillars

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Frontiers Health people arriving

Frontiers Health, a key player in health innovation, has announced the foundational pillars that will shape its legacy and future direction. These pillars were revealed ahead of their global conference, set to take place in Berlin 17th-18th October.

The organisation is committed to exploring the potential of scalable, proven digital solutions for healthcare systems, healthcare professionals, and patients. They aim to make tangible progress in the industry.

The four foundational pillars include AI and cutting-edge technologies, value creation - societal and financial, health equity, and patient and HCP driven innovations. AI is seen as a significant accelerant, unlocking insights from data in R&D, wearable devices, remote diagnostics, and virtual care.

Value creation focuses on delivering solutions that address unmet needs for patients and HCPs, while also achieving meaningful revenue and profitability. Patient- and HCP-driven innovations are recognised as often filling a gap in the market.

Frontiers Health is looking forward to the future, dedicated to empowering visionaries and propelling the industry into the next era. Their upcoming global conference in Berlin will provide a platform for these visionaries.

Health equity
Patient and HCP driven innovation
Value creation - societal and financial
AI and cutting edge technologies