Deep Dive: Communications & Commercialisation 2023

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Deep Dive: Communications & Commercialisation 2023

The battle over drug pricing reforms in the US is heading for the courtroom as multiple pharma companies file legal challenges against the controversial Inflation Reduction Act. While the government is steadfast in its position that the price negotiation provisions set out under the Act will help to revive a broken system, pharma companies claim this law threatens the future of drug development. 

In this issue of Deep Dive, we delve into the body of each argument to find out how the coming legal fight may unfold. Plus, celebrating 75 years of milestones for the UK’s NHS, Lumanity’s simple framework for evaluating an omnichannel solution, and the importance of balancing access, innovation, and concerns in EU pharmaceutical reform proposals.

Celebrating 75 Years of the NHS: A timeline 
Since its inception in the late 1940s, the NHS has grown into a fundamental part of the UK’s national identity. To celebrate its 75th anniversary, we examine key moments in the organisation's storied past. 

Inside the Inflation Reduction Act’s upcoming legal battles 
The battle over price negotiation provisions is heating up in the US, with nine plaintiffs having filed lawsuits challenging the Inflation Reduction Act. Here, pharmaphorum editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock breaks down the legal arguments, both for and against. 

How to evaluate an omnichannel solution: A simple framework
Selecting the right omnichannel partner is a pivotal decision point on the journey to achieving true omnichannel excellence. To help simplify the process, Lumanity offers a digestible framework that cuts through the buzz. 

EU pharmaceutical reform: Balancing access, innovation, and concerns
After a series of delays, the European Commission’s highly anticipated proposal for EU pharmaceutical reform has been met with widespread disappointment. Vincenzo Salvatore examines criticisms of the latest proposal. 

Embracing multi-resource planning technology  
Resolving the productivity drain caused by operational planning within rapidly evolving departmental environments is a critical challenge or pharma stakeholders. Could a drastic reinvention of resource planning, assignment, and scheduling be the solution? 

A pharma industry event round-up: Insights and trends
Over the past few months, pharmaphorum web editor Nicole Raleigh has been hitting the floor at some of the biggest pharma events in Europe. Here, she rounds up the most important trends and talking points gripping the industry.

Will the excitement for Threads translate to life sciences brands? 
The latest addition to the Meta universe has captured mainstream attention as an alternative to the platform formerly known as Twitter. However, will the buzz around this new social media platform be able to make the difficult leap over to healthcare communications? 

Around the world in pharma events
Keep up to date with important industry events taking place across the pharmaceutical industry with this interactive guide to upcoming conferences around the world.

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