Coaching and Medical Affairs: The View from the Frontline

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Coaching and Medical Affairs – white paper download

Medical Affairs is consolidating its position as a critical pillar of commercial and reputational success and it is expected to play an increasingly important role as digital continues to reshape life sciences.

The pace has been fast and furious with little time for reflection and strategy but a unique set of insights from the frontline has been revealed in a staff survey backed with industry commentary.

It exposes how coaching medical managers and MSL teams to deal with the fluid nature of HCP and KOL engagement is, for many organisations, ad hoc and missing out on opportunities.

The exclusive survey, which canvassed opinion from practicing medical managers and MSLs across the world, reveals that 69% of companies have no established coaching framework to upskill their team while 83% of MSLs  report that coaching is not viewed as a high priority.

The whitepaper, Coaching and Medical Affairs – the View from the Frontline, also benefits from the testimony of a senior medical manager and a frontline MSL who detail how coaching has benefitted their ability to engage externally and boost their personal development.

The read-outs from the survey data and the professional insights provide actionable intelligence for the industry at a time of intense investment in digital and biotech futures and the anticipation of more change in how organisations engage with external and internal stakeholders.

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