Heard on the pipeline: R&D in the pharma industry

Heard on the pipeline

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, it can take a lot of work to keep up-to-date with the numerous innovations, trends, and opinions that emerge each year.

And so, to cut through the noise of information, when the Deep Dive team caught up with attendees at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, we kept things simple.

One question: What are the biggest pharma R&D trends to watch in 2023?
Here’s what some of the best minds in healthcare had to say:

Raj Chopra
Acting CEO, Aethon Therapeutics

There’s been a huge explosion of cancer discoveries, particularly in drug discovery. We’ve had small molecule inhibitors, we’ve now had targeted protein degradation, and then we’ve got the revolutionary use of antibody, both bispecific antibodies – we’ve just seen Genentech register a bispecific in lymphoma – and we’ve also seen antibody-drug conjugates coming through. I think this [our technology] is yet another pillar of the armamentarium against cancer.

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