Donor Selection & Cell Source Summit

Donor Selection & Cell Source Summit

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As the allogeneic cell therapy space continues to mature with over 150+ clinical trials currently underway, and landmark milestones achieved with the first FDA approvals for allogeneic cell products – all eyes are turning to the backbones of these cell therapies – the cell donors. The field is awakening to the challenging reality of the increased demand for donor material to meet the required dosing needs for later stage clinical trials and licensed products.

Enter the timely arrival of the inaugural Donor Selection and Cell Source Summit, the pioneering forum for cell therapy leaders within process development, supply chain, procurement, R&D and analytics, placing a spotlight focus on cell source starting material for the first time.

Get caught up to speed on this dynamic space with expertise shared from the likes of Allogene, Caribou Bio, Poseida Therapeutics and more as the titans of industry unite to help you advance your knowledge on donor selection, management and sustainability to ensure a consistent and reliable supply of cell source material required for clinical trials and beyond.

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Donor Selection & Cell Source
22 September, 2023