3rd mRNA Analytical Development Summit

3rd mRNA Analytical Development Summit

180+ Technical mRNA Specialists | 35+ Expert Speakers | 2 Content Streams

As access to faster and higher-throughput analytical methods becomes increasingly vital, it is critical that we employ superior analytical approaches for mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines to ensure we safeguard the identity, safety, and efficacy of these promising medicines.

The 3rd mRNA Analytical Development Summit returns to Boston in February as the industry’s leading forum dedicated to sharing the latest advances in novel analytical techniques to guarantee the extensive characterization of mRNA and nanoparticle quality attributes.

Download the three day program here: https://ter.li/nabulw 

Heads, Directors and Senior Scientists of Analytical Development, Quality Control, CMC and Regulatory Affairs will deep dive into analytical development techniques and challenges within mRNA drug product and drug substance, eager to glean insights into future analytical methods to safeguard regulatory submissions in 2024 and beyond. 

Join them and register your place here: https://ter.li/snnhbz 

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16 November, 2023