3rd Annual iPSC Derived-Cell Therapies Summit

3rd Annual iPSC Derived-Cell Therapies Summit

As the iPSC space continues to evolve and candidates move to the clinic, the need to unite with your peers to benchmark the current bottlenecks in discovery, translation and clinical strategy is greater than before. Join the 3rd Annual iPSC Derived-Cell Therapies Summit, the largest meeting dedicated solely to iPSC drug development to showcase the current pre-clinical and clinical landscape and provide opportunities to share strategies to progress quickly through the clinic and harness the investment landscape, despite current uncertainties.

Hear clinical data and discuss the future of iPSCs across the oncology and regenerative medicine community to collaboratively progress over lessons learned. Take home creative approaches to elevate your investment appeal, streamline your clinical pipeline and enhance safety and approval of your iPSC-derived product to cure currently untreatable diseases.

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9 June, 2023