3rd ADC Target Selection Summit

3rd ADC Target Selection Summit

The 3rd ADC Target Selection Summit (December 5-7 | Boston, MA). This is the ultimate cover-to-cover conference providing insights to help you optimize the pairing of target, antibody, and linker-payload and develop the next generation of clinically successful ADCs beyond HER2 and TROP2.

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As the number of new clinical ADC targets continues to increase, this year’s meeting will have a greater focus on identifying and validating novel targets, re-examining what makes a good target, and delving into the use of proteomics to ensure you get the first step of drug development right.

Here are some of the agenda highlights you cannot afford to miss:

  • Join Cancer Research Horizons to learn “Overcoming Hurdles in Validating Novel Targets for Clinically Applicable ADCs” and hear how an unbiased proteomics approach with patient samples was used to discover a clinically relevant ADC target for multiple myeloma
  • Hear from Ziel Bio on “Discovering Cell Surface Plectin: A Highly Promising Target for Multiple Solid Tumors” to understand how the hypothesized function of plectin highlights it as a good ADC target, and learn how ZB131 can selectively bind to CSP improving internalization and minimizing off-target effects
  • Gain insights from AstraZeneca on “A Case Study on Utilizing Hindsight Following Progression of an ADC With a HER2 Target Into the Clinic” highlighting the target selection process and reasons behind the choice of pursuing HER2, target and antibody considerations; and emphasizing challenges and successes in the use of this target for ADCs to help you prepare for your development.

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Uniting 100+ of your peers working in biology, discovery and oncology research, this unique forum will provide you with an exclusive opportunity to learn and network with other ADC developers who are living and breathing targets all in one room.

As the only summit offering in-depth discussions into selecting the optimal target for your ADC technology, this is the perfect avenue to expand your toolkit and enable your ADC to become first or best-in-class.