Emerging technologies that are changing the way healthcare is delivered in 2022

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Wherever you consider the medical industry, you will find several new technologies being used to make new medicines, vaccines, and fight illnesses. The purpose is to make our lifestyle better and healthier.

The last two decades have been revolutionary for the healthcare industry. While many tech firms have applied their expertise to find solutions to the global pandemic, others have turned attention to using technology to transform healthcare services and products.

The global health crisis has accelerated the digitisation of the medical industry. According to a recent HIMSS Future of Healthcare report, more than 80% of healthcare providers have increased investment in digital solutions and innovative technology.

That means you will continue to see expansion in healthcare sectors, such as personalised medicine, telemedicine, wearables, and genomics. The industry is also set to leverage cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and extended reality to develop and provide new services and treatments.


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