Alnylam, gene-silencing and biotech in 2020: the pharmaphorum podcast


Alnylam's Brendan Martin joined the pharmaphorum podcast for episode 23 to talk about his company's work in gene-silencing and how it could offer a route to target the current coronavirus pandemic.

Brendan joined Alnylam in 2016 as one of the company’s first Europe-based employees and has helped to build and establish a presence in the region that now includes 11 offices.

Now acting head of Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Canada for Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, as well as general manager at Alnylam UK and Ireland, he also discusses just what it means to be a biotech in 2020 and his own approach to biotech leadership.

With the impact of COVID-19 still inescapable in so many ways around the globe, we also touched on its impact on Alnylam and how the company works.

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