Bringing women’s health up to speed for 21st century human healthcare

pharmaphorum podcast episode 103a

In this latest instalment of the pharmaphorum podcast, web editor Nicole Raleigh speaks with David Solomon, CEO of Mithra Pharmaceuticals, about the current women’s health landscape and what Mithra is doing on an international scale to ameliorate that.

Their conversation explores the health inequities that yet exist for women, both in comparison to men’s health and in socioeconomic and geographic terms, including disparities in awareness and access, disparities even in the existence of treatments for certain female conditions.

A field that’s poorly defined and understood, women’s health is a social, a cultural, even a political issue. It doesn’t need a ‘sticking plaster’ approach any longer, but true innovation to once and for all change the female health landscape for the better, her lifecycle through.

Taking in contraception and, importantly, menopause, and the empowerment of women’s choice when it comes to these, including OTC options, the historical (and ‘hysterical’) experience needs to be set aside and modern minds and modern medicine bring women’s health up to speed for 21st Century human healthcare.

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