The Power of Partnerships: Meeting Pharmaceutical Logistic Excellence

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This year's Cold Chain Distribution conference programme is insightful and features many of the major players from cold chain and logistics sectors. Some of these exciting speakers have been announced in the past weeks, but recently we added some new notable names to our keynote lineup. They represent various logistic companies and, adjacent sectors, see a few of the proficient speakers below. Over 18 speakers have been announced, the complete line-up is available on the event website.

Andrea Gruber, Senior Manager, Special Cargo for IATA will be presenting one of this year’s keynote sessions, 'Partnering with your air freight stakeholders to meet pharma logistics excellence'.

Interested in specific sessions? This year’s topics are diverse, robust and will tackle many of the important themes facing the industry today, such as identifying supply chain social responsibility, establishing a foundation to successfully operate in emerging markets, measuring competitive total cost of ownership and much more. Read below for a snippet of the ideas and thoughts that will be presented:


With increasing regulatory scrutiny, pharmaceutical supply chain stakeholders must focus their efforts on meeting the requirements of storage, transport and handling of time and temperature-sensitive products. However, there are many factors to consider the temperature controlled distribution and storage of pharmaceutical products.

Sessions led by: IAG Cargo, Marken & World Courier


In recent times, there’s been an apparent shift in approach to move from air freight to sea. With the efforts to cut costs and streamline practices, experts argue that your sea freight strategy must be just as robust as your air freight approach. Indeed, many things can go wrong in a sea freight shipment, so while it may be the cheaper option, you still must plan for the worst.

Sessions led by: Amicus Therapeutics, Modalis Ltd & Eli Lily


Cold Chain is increasing in importance for those enterprises engaged in the discovery, manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals and other health care products that are impacted by variations in temperature. Many of these products are relatively unstable, comprising biological and other components that become inactive or contaminated if handled or stored at the incorrect temperature.

Sessions led by: Peli BioThermal, Merck Serono S.p.A. & International Stem Cell Banking Initiative






To view the complete 2-day schedule including full speaker line-up or to register, please visit


Cold Chain Distribution 2017 is sponsored by Marken (Lead Sponsor), Berlinger & Co., EMBALL'ISO, Peli Biothermal, Sensitech, Tope Thermal, TP3 Global, World Courier & Yourway Transport



12th Cold Chain Distribution Conference and Exhibition
13th – 14th December 2017
London, UK
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