Summarising & Combining Insights

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Sometimes your MSLs may capture several insights that are very similar to each other in content and theme. It may make sense to summarise them into a single “Super Insight” that captures their essence.

This summarisation of closely related insights into Super Insights can help in many ways.

For example:

Actioning insights – the Super Insight can act as the main trigger for action, allowing easy action to be taken.

Analysing insights – by coalescing the key points of multiple insights that are closely related into one Super Insight, the analytics are more focused and much easier to consume and digest for other team members.

Escalating insights – socialising and sharing insights is an extremely valuable part of the insight process and can be made much easier when you only need to socialise and share one Super Insight. In this way, there’s a greater chance of the insight getting seen and heard by others.

But there are important things to consider when including a ‘Super Insight’ model in your workflow:

  • The Super Insight(s) you create must capture enough parameters about the original source insights to give everyone clarity on their importance, e.g. did you summarise 20 closely related insights into a single Super Insight, or was it just 3?


  • Regardless of how many Super Insights you create, it’s important to keep everyone aware about the actual volume of insights coming in on a specific issue, e.g. 20 closely related insights on an issue were picked up this month alone


  • Keeping the original insights in the system as a matter of record is essential, although they can be made “hidden” and accessed only through the Super Insight to provide an intuitive experience for the user, e.g. “click ‘Expand’ on this Super Insight to see all the component insights in more detail”


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