MiNA Therapeutics Chief Scientific Officer to speak at RNA Therapeutics Conference 2019

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SMi Reports: Chief Scientific Officer of MiNA Therapeutics set to speak at RNA Therapeutics 2019, following MiNA Therapeutics’ successful liver cancer therapy news.


The field of RNA therapeutics has seen rapid development as RNA drugs are now being utilised for personalised medicines and immunotherapy, and to address genetic, infectious and chronic diseases.


Next year's 10th annual conference on RNA Therapeutics, taking place in London on 20th – 21st February 2019 (http://www.therapeutics-rna.com/pharphorpr) is set to address the latest advancements and challenges in the industry as a host of scientific pioneers and senior experts gather in London to share their extensive knowledge and expertise in the field.


In recent news, pioneer in RNA activation therapeutics MiNA Therapeutics recently announced their positive findings from MTL-CEBPA clinical trial in patients with advanced liver cancer.


The British biotech reported observations of tumour responses in patients when administered liver cancer therapies after treatment with MTL-CEBPA, even reporting complete responses in two patients, supporting evidence that RNA treatment can enhance liver cancer patients’ response to standard cancer therapies.*


The encouraging results of the trial are one of the many developments contributing to the exciting advances in RNA therapy, as after a long time in development, RNA therapies are finally beginning to enter the market.


MiNA Therapeutics' Chief Scientific Officer, David Blakey, is set to give a keynote presentation at next year's RNA Therapeutics conference in London, where he will discuss "Small Activating RNA – From bench to bedside" and expand on the clinical trial, as well as explore in detail novel MOA of small activating RNAs to upregulate gene expression, preclinical studies demonstrating MOA and therapeutic activity, and clinical experience with MTL-CEBPA – the first saRNA in the clinic.


Delegates will also have the opportunity of hearing from the CEO of biotech Exicure; David Giljohann, who will be speaking about the therapeutic applications of spherical nucleic acids (SNAs) "Spherical Nucleic Acids: Clinical Progress".


David will be concentrating on how localization to endosome permits large numbers of SNA’s to be delivered with low toxicity, how SNAs can be used to knockdown genes or interest, or activate immune pathways productively, as well as AST-008 TLR9 agonist clinical trial progress, and XCUR-17 topical antisense in psoriasis.


Attendees will have the chance to explore the advantages of delivery via SNAs, a nano particle-based therapeutic with benefits including entry independent of transfection agents, resistance to degradation, and ability to cross biological barriers.


In addition, with 7+ hours of networking included, there will be multiple opportunities for participants to interact with key industry leaders, including Sanofi, Exicure, Roche, MHRA, The RNA Institute, GSK, AstraZeneca, ProQR, and many more.


The event brochure containing the full agenda and speaker line-up, as well as other exclusive content is available to download on the website: http://www.therapeutics-rna.com/pharphorpr


10th RNA Therapeutics Conference

20th – 21st February 2019

London, UK






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