Insights From GMA Interactions

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We are all familiar with the valuable insights that MSLs bring in from the field. But what about insights from Medical Affairs interactions?


Whether it’s a discussion at an advisory board or an interaction at a (virtual) congress, the end result is still a plethora of valuable insights.


Is it possible to collate & synthesise such insights from all these Medical Affairs activities, in a way that enables you to see the truth that may be spread across many different KOL/HCP interactions?


The short answer is “Sure!”. But a few things to consider when designing the process.


Firstly, in order to get a true picture across all activities, the insights from different sources must be standardised so that what goes into the insight platform is consistent in form and syntax. This will enable insights from multiple sources to be analysed in the same way – a critical component for good reporting.


Secondly, manual and automated components should work in harmony to create the most efficient analytics pathway. For example, you can use NLP and machine learning for tagging insights with keywords automatically, and use human analysis for complex message extraction to help find strategic trends across insights.


And finally, a single platform should serve as the central repository for collecting and analysing insights from all different Medical Affairs activities – individual KOL meeting, congress events, advisory boards, etc. That way, not only is everything in one place, but you can also analyse all your insights together.

System Analytic

System Analytic

21 September, 2020