How to Provide Value that Benefits Patients (and Your Brand)

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With patient-centricity, holistic health and treating the whole person as omnipresent topics of industry conversation, it’s evident that pharma plays a role in providing value for patients beyond the development of medications or therapies.

A survey from Accenture found that patients want and expect more – with 76% believing pharma companies have a responsibility to provide information and services that help patients manage their own health. However, the report notes that “success and return on investment in patient services require understanding what patients truly value in services, why they value them and how they want to receive them for different therapeutic areas and health needs.”

Identifying the Right Opportunities to Provide Value 

To meet expectations and provide the value patients are seeking, ask for their input. Health Union’s condition-specific online health communities make it possible to understand what patients value by therapeutic area, as well as by individual condition.

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27 April, 2022