4th Annual Genome Editing USA Congress

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Over 350 end users representing internationally renowned research & academic institutions, clinical research institutions, healthcare organisations as well as leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

3 outstanding programmes bringing together Europe's key genomics experts in Next Generation Sequencing, Single Cell Analysis, Genome Editing.

Over 80 case studies, solution & technology presentations and 2 interactive workshops over the 2 days.

07 April 2019 – Day One

  • Genome Editing Technologies & Techniques
  • Drug Discovery & Development Applications in In Vivo Therapeutics

08 April 2019 – Day Two

  • Drug Discovery & Development – Target Identification and Validation
  • Non-Human Models in Diagnostics & Therapeutics

View Agenda: http://bit.ly/2OTkziu


2020 Live Webinar

Chemically-Modified Polynucleotides for Inhibiting, Expressing and Repairing Nucleic Acids: Then & Now

Presented by Tod Woolf, Founder & CEO, ETAGEN Pharma, Inc.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020 | 03:30 PM GMT

Register: https://bit.ly/2QvO7Us

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Oxford Global

7 January, 2020