Phesi’s Dr Gen Li: New approaches to clinical trials in cancer

Phesis Dr Gen Li New approaches to clinical trials in cancer

Dr Gen Li, founder and president of Phesi, a provider of AI-powered clinical development analytics, products and solutions, discusses some of the latest challenges facing the industry, including why it is imperative that the design of clinical trials is data-driven.

How can a data-led approach to cancer clinical trial design help drug development?

Dr Gen Li: All areas of the clinical development industry should be aiming to become more data led. Today, we have a wealth of data from clinical trials and patient records at our fingertips. Using such data to inform and optimise cancer trial design and execution, we can reduce patient burden and enable smarter clinical trials, as well as faster drug development.

Data helps investigators make confident decisions that are not based on gut instinct but on facts – such as which country is the best option for new sites and has the required concentration of patients matching your protocol.

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