mRNA Cancer Vaccine Summit 2023

mRNA Cancer Vaccine Summit 2023

The mRNA Cancer Vaccine Summit 2023 comes to Boston as the community is on the cusp of something truly exciting. Early 2023 saw the global partnership between Merck & Moderna highlight ground-breaking data with their personalised mRNA cancer vaccine - it is no secret that this innovative new cancer treatment has huge potential to improve outcomes for patients across the globe.

This is the first and only forum dedicated to showcasing mRNA cancer vaccine technology advances, translational insights and critical clinical updates from the global leaders working towards effective harnessing of neoantigens and developing successful tailor-made mRNA cancer vaccines. 

Here’s an insight into the comprehensive program and the actionable insights you could take away with you to fast track your pipelines:

  • Reconsider the manufacturing challenges & supercharge into the approaches to produce a successful neoantigen individualized cancer vaccine
  • Optimize the immunogenicity of mRNA cancer vaccines: maximizing effectiveness & minimizing side effects in cancer treatment
  • Benchmarking the next generation of mRNA technologies as alternative candidate for use in cancer vaccines
  • Uncover methods for improved assessment of immune biomarkers & stability of mRNA cancer vaccines to guarantee high quality & efficient vaccines

Download the Full Event Guide Here for the complete agenda, expert speaker faculty and the extensive networking and collaboration opportunities. 

Join 60+ mRNA and cancer vaccine leaders to truly remain ahead of the curve, as we revolutionize the next era of cancer immunotherapy. 

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