9th Annual World Cancer Series: Day 2

Economist Brussels Day 2

As Economist Impact’s World Cancer Series continues, Day Two firmly takes up focus on the patient voice, with a presentation by Eileen Page, chief executive of Innovation Advantage 2020 to start – and, while pharmaphorum sadly won’t be on site the whole day, do be sure to check in for what updates get typed up here before we head back to the UK.

Indeed, the personal factor of cancer is discussed in a morning panel that includes Romania’s Secretary of State Andrei Baciu from the Ministry of Health and the secretary-general of the Norwegian Cancer Society Ingrid Stenstadvold Ross, among others. Meanwhile, as pertains specifically to women’s cancer, another panel will discuss such topics as cervical cancer and HPV vaccination, uterine and ovarian cancer, and the inequalities of care that exists among and within countries.

An interview with Matti Aapro, president of All.Can International and board member of the UICC, on the broader impacts of cancer will conclude pharmaphorum’s coverage.