3rd Annual Tumor-Myeloid-Directed Therapies Summit

3rd Annual Tumor-Myeloid-Directed Therapies Summit

The role of the myeloid compartment in tumor resistance is becoming clear. As the landscape of targets continues to grow, the potential to target and manipulate myeloid cells to relieve immunosuppression has received increasing focus, due to its ability to relieve immunosuppression in the tumor microenvironment. 

The 3rd Tumor Myeloid-Directed Therapies Summit captures this potential by uniting the industry leaders pioneering these myeloid activating therapies to share clinical progress while reviewing novel targets to activate macrophages, monocytes, dendritic cells and more.

Collaborate and learn from myeloid experts across industry and academia over 3 in-depth days of content, as they address the key bottlenecks limiting the efficacy and safety of these exciting treatments, including in vivo models, biomarkers of response, combination rationale, and myeloid biology to accelerate myeloid directed therapies.

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