Wanda's predictive app aims to cut rehospitalisations and emergency visits

Bed in a modern clinic corridor

Digital health firm Wanda has launched a new app that aims to predict rehospitalisations and emergency department visits a week before they occur.

The CareLink predictive patient management platform expands real-time capabilities of Wanda’s existing patient management solution.

Wanda, which is a portfolio company of healthcare commercialisation group NetScientific, said the app can be used on virtually any internet-enabled device including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

This approach expands the ability for patients, doctors, and clinicians to improve care plan adherence and produce better clinical and financial outcomes.

The app uses embedded predictive algorithms to identify high-risk patients, alerting doctors and clinicians to the root causes that trigger adverse events.

Insights help clinical teams to assess care plans and proactively manage virtual interventions, improving care plan adherence and resolving the adverse event before it happens.

The app was created from 12 years of research at UCLA, in a collaborative project including medical, nursing and engineering schools.

After eight clinical trials yielding nine patents, the machine learning clinical algorithms have shown to predict 90% of adverse events, rehospitalisations and emergency department visits, seven days before they occur.

CareLink warns of the pending adverse event detailing the risk triggers for each patient, and prompting the need for intervention.

William Bassett, chief commercial officer at Wanda, said: “Wanda is proving to be a great solution for supporting preventative patient engagement with 74% of patients staying adherent to their care plan."

“As high-risk patients are identified, Wanda facilitates better decision making, empowering doctors and clinicians with the real-time insight that will keep patients from preventable emergent situations.”

Ahsan Samiee, chief technology officer at Wanda, added: “Providers and payers can more easily identify and eliminate issues that have made population health and risk-based contracting a challenge."

“The embedded data science in Wanda can now be used across a range of mobile tools to expand the efficiency of real-time patient care.”