UK AI firm Sensyne makes inroads into US health market

AI in pharma and healthcare

The UK clinical artificial intelligence (AI) firm Sensyne has announced agreements with a Fortune 200 company, and a data infrastructure specialist, to launch and grow its digital health products under licence in the US.

Sensyne said the first goal is to take its gestational diabetes product, GDm-Health to the US market.

The company hopes to change the way this treatable condition is diagnosed by doctors and patients, with nearly 10% of pregnancies affected by the condition every year.

GDm-Health is in production in the UK and is being beta-tested in the US by the unnamed Fortune 200 company and a major regional healthcare network.

GDm-Health gives patients greater insight into their personal health data, offers expectant mothers diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) greater control over the management of their condition and gives clinicians valuable insight to more efficiently and proactively manage care.

Clinical trial data gathered in the UK has shown that GDm-Health improves diagnosis and treatment, leading to improved outcomes for mothers and their babies.

This will be followed by Sensyne’s chronic disease products for respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart failure.

As part of these agreements, Sensyne Health will be developing clinical AI service solutions that will use AI and predictive analytics to help prevent and manage a variety of chronic health conditions.

Sensyne Health collaborates with the UK’s NHS to develop and scale digital health applications that employ AI and anonymised patient data to detect warning signs for various clinical conditions.

Former science minister Lord Drayson, CEO of Sensyne Health, said: “By working with these partners, we will be able to accelerate the full potential of these applications which were originally invented in the NHS.”

“These major agreements mark the completion of the last remaining milestone objective that we set at the time of our IPO in August 2018. All our objectives set at that time have now been achieved.”